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Aug 19, 2021
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Hello we are new at the pool game and we bought our 18ft round vynal Coleman pool this summer and had water delivered and it was great until we went on vacation and came back to a green pool. The person looking after the pool forgot to turn pump back on after changing filter. We have shocked and added a blue algae killer and have been changing filter a few times a day along with brushing down the sides regularly and it is a lot better but still very cloudy and a tinge green please help

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Jun 22, 2014
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Welcome to TFP! :wave: For algae, you need to follow the SLAM Process utilizing a combination of the proper amount of liquid chlorine and testing with either a TF-100 or Taylor K-2006C test kit. That SLAM page link will walk you through it. No amount of filter cleaning will remove algae, and avoid any products that list "blue" on them (copper).

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