Help! I believe wrong finish was applied!


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May 4, 2017
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Florida Stucco Gem vs WetEdge Altima. Can someone please tell me if there is a significant difference in these 2 finishes? We recently had our pool resurfaced and the pool contractor is being shady about answering what the actual finish is. On the day of the pour he notified us that the finish we selected was not available (blue gem, florida stucco), so we were getting sky blue. Ok, wasn't gonna freak over 1 less color in the finish. Now that the finish is in I am questioning if it is not even the brand that we chose. We asked him and he wouldn't give a definite answer, told us he would get back to us and didn't . We asked the plastering company and they told us that our contractor would provide warranty information once final payment has been made. I see that the company they used only offers on their website wetedge and diamondbrite. I did see that the Altima (which it looks like) only has a 7 year warranty and that is what has me worried, our contract also states the finish we chose (We are currently dealing with a leak in the return line that took them over 2 weeks to find which is why we have not made final payment).
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This is something the installer would need to answer, no way we would know what was installed


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Jul 10, 2012
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Did you happen to see and take pics of the bags the plaster came in? If not this is something the installer will have to help out with. I would ask to see the warranty card BEFORE making finial payment.
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