Help! How to change color of lights on Pentair panel


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Jul 5, 2016
Holly Springs, NC
We just had the electrical installed today for our pool. PB will be by Saturday to get it up and running (expecting huge amounts of rain tomorrow here). We figured out how to start up the panel to get the lights running on the Pentair panel, but the lights won't change color no matter what we select. Right now we have 2 white and 1 blue LED. Can anyone walk me through this? We tried selecting straight solid colors and even the theme colors and no change.


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Jul 16, 2012
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With no quick Pentair answer arriving, I'll give you the Hayward technique for something easy try. To change Hayward colors you cycle the lights. Turn them off and then back on after 1 second. To sync the lights all to the same color, you turn them on, then off for between 11and 14 seconds, then turn them on again.


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Jun 24, 2014
Do you know what model control board you guys have. If you have an Easy Touch or Intellitouch it will do the color or mode change for you. You just have to use the menu and select lights and the mode for the programed color changes. Their is another just called color, select that then pick a color you like. If you don't have one of those controllers then you have to throw the light switch so many times to get the color/program you what. Hope that helps some.


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Jul 14, 2016
Boca Grande, FL
Under lights, make sure they are set to Intellibrite.

Under lights, select sync.

Choose color.

Hopefully you got got the right lights. I paid for an Intellibrite pool and spa light. I could not get them to work right until I discovered that they installed a white only light for pool and a Hayward LED for the spa. Frustrating to put it mildly...
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