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Hey guys,

Just moved into a new house with a 30,000 swg pool. The cell on the swg has burned out and the pool chlorine has gotten to zero. I've been trying to shock the pool, but can't get the CL to budge. Last night I put 4 182 oz jugs in as per the pool calculator and this morning, FC and TC were pretty much 0. Also, CYA is low too, even though I added 4 lbs last week. I'm using the Taylor Test kit. I'd like to get teh FC up safe to swim in and maintain it until my new cell comes in. Any help or advice for a newbie!

FC = 0
TC = 0
PH = 8
TA = 100
CYA = ?

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If your FC is going to zero overnight you need to shock and without knowing what your CYA is you don't know what your shock level is.

(4) 182oz jugs of bleach would have raised your FC by 12ppm. I highly doubt that's enough to shock your pool because you surely had some CYA in your pool before you added 16ppm with the 4 lbs of stabilizer you added.

You should first, perform the CYA test and see what the result is then add enough bleach to get to shock level, then wait an hour and test the FC again. If it's fallen below shock level then add enough to bring it back and repeat hourly until the FC starts holding longer. Keep it at shock till you pass the OCLT (overnight chlorine loss test).

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