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Jun 20, 2020
Southlake, TX
Hello all. I've been following along here for the last month or so and am committed to no longer relying on the local pool store to understand the needs of my pool. Here are my stats from first run of TF-100.
PH 7.7
FC 3.0
CC nil
CH 350
TA 150
CYA 40
From the "Recommended Levels" it looks like I need to lower TA (using aeration/acid method) and then to SLAM. Looks like I should expect the lowering of TA to take days, not hours. So presumably i should get the FC up to 5-7 level (given CYA chart) first, then start to work the TA down (over days), then SLAM starting this evening?
As an aside, I have been using pucks and 73% cal-hypo up until a couple weeks ago. Have just switched to bleach for chlorination.


Jun 20, 2020
Southlake, TX
Thanks mknauss. My bad on the SLAM - so much to learn here :) I mistook having CC of nil as bad and requiring SLAM, now rereading I see a CC of 0 is actually a good thing. Water isn't super crisp/clear now but no algae problem either. So I'll get FC up to 5-7 range now and do the Overnight Chlorine Loss Test tonight. Thanks for your reply.
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Jun 8, 2019
Milwaukee, WI
To add to Marty’s reply on TA - high TA just means your pH will rise faster. When it does you will add acid to bring it down, and that will lower the pH and TA both. So acid additions will become less frequent and TA will naturally drop over time, unless you add more like from evaporation and high TA fill water.
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Jan 17, 2012
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MBerlew....your numbers look good! The water, well...perhaps getting some plain chlorine will get it super crisp and Gin clear!

Do we gegt a picture?? <big cow eyes> We love us some pictures.