Help for old Anthony Pools Model 20 light - how to upgrade to LED?


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May 29, 2017
Worcester, MA
Hi folks:

Pool newbie here. My wife and I purchased our home earlier this year. It has a 32,000 gallon Gunite pool build in 1979. Previous owners resurfaced it a few years ago so the pool is in great shape.

The pool light doesn't work. I assume the old incandescent bulb is blown, but there is a chance the lamp is bad as well.

Today, I got in and took the lamp out of the side of the pool (is that called the Niche?) to have a look at the make / model so I could get the right new bulb.

It is an Anthony Pools Model 20 lamp. The writing on the ring says "Anthony Pools Model 20 wet niche type. Use with model no 21 or 19LA Fixture Housing. 120V 500W Max R40 Lamp"

Anyway, I was going to take the lens off to take a look at the bulb. But the gasket looks pretty nasty so I thought I would google to get a new gasket before I opened it up.

Googling, it seems my particular Model 20 lamp is ancient and is no longer supported. Any idea where I can get a new gasket?

Also, I was just going to get a new LED bulb for this lamp, but it seems some folks are opting to replace the entire lamp itself. Why should I do this versus just replacing the bulb?

It seems folks with my old model lamp have a hard time finding an LED lamp that will fit inside the "niche" (whatever that is.) Suggestions?