Help finding source of air in pump basket!


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Jul 12, 2014
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I am having issues with air in the pump basket. It doesn't seem bad enough to turn off the pump completely because there is still plenty of water in the basket but there are very visible large bubbles.

The pump is only pulling from the main drain at this time because I'm still refilling water. No visible cracks in the lid or pump housing. I tried running water over the basket lid and Jandy valve but couldn't see that it helped. I had an extra set of drain plug o-rings (but not the plugs) and I also replaced the inside o-ring on strainer basket. Magic lubricant on both; drain plugs and screws are tight. No change.

Went out to the Jandy valve that controls the skimmer and main drain.

Took apart the Jandy valve and saw this might be the issue.

I replaced it with a Jandy valve from the waterfall that I'm not using at the moment just to see if that would fix the problem. It worked ok for about 2 hours but now I'm back to the large air bubbles again.


1. Ideas on why changing the inside portion of the valve helped for a little while but not long term? Should I order new drain plugs? What else can I check?

2. Does anyone know a model number for this inside part of the Jandy valve? I'll need another one for the waterfall. I can't find anything on it with a model number.

3. On the pump basket, should I glue that o-ring in? There was a residue that appeared to be some type of glue that I cleaned out from the first one. Now when I have taken the lid off this one lifts up with the lid. If so, what type of glue do you use?

Thanks in advance for the help...I've tried everything I know to do short of calling someone else.

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Aug 10, 2012
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That valve part is called a diverter and you can get one from INYO Pools. Use o-ring silicone lube, aka plumbers grease, to lube and help seal those o-rings. Is there any debris or a rough spot inside the valve body that caused that issue with the diverter?

You can out some saran wrap around the valve to verify that it is the leak point. More here about tracking down suction side leaks, Pool School - Suction Side Air Leaks

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