Help Finding Pool Liner Installer Metro Detroit


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Sep 25, 2016
I am having no luck finding a person to install a liner. The local pool shops gave me lists of people to call and I have had exactly one return a phone call to look at the pool. He came out and seemed kind of sketchy. I have a 18' x 33' Esther Williams with a 15 year old liner that is wrinkling pretty bad. I also have tree roots pushing against it underneath the bottom. Anyone have any local suggestions? Thanks.



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Jul 7, 2013
This time of year i would think most installers want new installs as to why you may not be getting calls back. When i had my pool installed i found quite a few guys on craigslist believe it or not that specialized just in liner installs. I am in NJ but maybe it is similar by you. Good luck!

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