Help finding main drain cover


May 9, 2017
Los Altos, CA
I bought a house with an older pool (20-30 years old) that has a broken drain cover.

There are no screw holes in the pool drain, the cover just slid into the drain hole.
I can't seem to find a drain cover like this anywhere.

The drain hole in the pool is 6 3/4" inches across with a lip that is about 5/8" wide. The cavity is about 8" deep with the drain pipe heading out the side.

Can anyone point me in the direction of where I could find a new cover that would slide into this hole?

Thanks in advance.

broken pool drain cover.jpg broken-pool-cover.jpg
May 9, 2017
Los Altos, CA
Wow, great and quick responses.

I looked at inyo pools and didn't see anything I could use. I'll try contacting them tomorrow.

Otherwise, looks like I'll have to hire someone to dive and tap some screw holes for a new compliant lid.

Thanks for the help! I've been trying to figure this out for a week.


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Jan 1, 2015
Kalamazoo MI
What if you got a compliant cover and added some weight so it was just held by gravity/suction? This may be a terrible plan, but just an idea.
May 9, 2017
Los Altos, CA
That is a tempting idea. Someone suggested I also might consider using naval epoxy to repair the old insert ring and glue the compliant lid over the top of it. There's still a screw hole, so I could actually screw the compliant lid into the old one before sliding it into place.

We're hoping to renovate or even replace the pool in a few years so this is only a stop gap until then.

Very tempting... ;)


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Aug 19, 2014
Pacific NW
I had that issue at my last house / pool. I was selling the house and it was required to be replaced.

somehow when I bought that house, nobody cared...anyway my realtor (best one in the world and here is why)
loves scuba diving. He rented an air tank and dove down and replaced it for me and didn't even ask me
for money!! What realtor does that?!?! anyway he bought some sort of universal one I wish I could
remember the name, but it went in and i think was some kind of adjustable expansion fit to the hole.

good luck!


May 9, 2017
Los Altos, CA
Been a while but finally covered the drain hole.

I ended up getting a new cover that I screwed to the old cover's ring with stainless screws (cut the screws flush so the cover could insert all the way.).
The new cover I used was from Leslie's. Can't find it on their website, but here's a link to it at Pool Supply Unlimited.

The combined cover slipped snugly into the old hole.
I have some pictures, but the site tells me I'm over my attachment limit.

Took me a long time to get around to it, but the whole thing took about 15 minutes (after ordering the new cover and picking up the screws).