Help finding leak in intex top ring

Connie h

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Sep 30, 2018
Been reading about the "winterizing" of the pools. It's my 2nd year doing so. Only problem is we can't find the leak in our Intex pools top ring. It's the "air filled" ring around the top on a 12 x 20 oval shaped Index pool. Any suggestions? Intex tells me I will have to purchase a new liner. We did the soapy water spray test but to no avail. ��


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May 18, 2018
Ontario Canada
I don't know if those inflatable top ring pools can be winterized?? They aren't the same as metal walled above ground pools.
If you did it last year and had no problems - I guess keep at it.

As far as finding the leak in the top ring - soapy water is the best tool for that. However, there are also lots of posts on here about the top ring just getting way too many holes in it to patch and just filling it with other materials (pool noodles, empty bleach bottles, etc).


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Jun 3, 2015
Our first pool was a 12’ x 30” easy set. We took it down for the winter, and by the end of the next season we had more patch than ring. We were adding air just about daily too. I don’t think the ring material holds up to the UV Rays very well, and the ring is destined to fail.

I’ve read a few posts here where people have stuffed them with large pool noodles.

The following season we put up an 18’ Ultra Frame, and it’s been up four seasons now. Night and day difference in liner material.