Help cool my pool (90F+ water temps)


Apr 29, 2019
Baton Rouge, LA
Im in south Louisiana. Daytime temps are mid to upper 90s and 50-60% humidity. Nightime is low 80s and 90%+ humidity. Pool is 15x48 Intex so on the small size and direct sun from 8am until 4pm. Pump size is not an issue, 2600gph. I have hooked up a DIY PVC fountain but I cant get below 87 deg without rain or all day clouds. If I leave the pool alone with no fountain just filtering, its stable at 92F most of the day. Because of the humidity I just dont think Im going to be able to aerate my way to mid 80s.

Sunshade is not exactly an option in the near future. Are there any reverse solar covers that reflect light/heat? Are there any floating lily pad style reflectors similar to car windshield reflector? What are some umbrella setups that could swing over?


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Apr 16, 2007
Run the fountain at night. You should be able to cool the pool considerably more at night than through the day.