Help!!!! Cloudy water and nothing is helping!


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Jul 7, 2020
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Hey guys! Sorry, but this is going to be long. So I’ve got an 18 x 48 Coleman metal frame pool with a cartridge filter. I had to drain and refill a few weeks ago. I have well water so I had to get the metals out at the beginning. Ever since refilling I was never able to get the water crystal clear like it was before a pool place turned my pool green within ten minutes of adding a phosphate chemical (it was crystal clear for weeks and they had me treat for phosphates but their instructions were putting way more in then the bottle says to use at once and pouring right into pool as I don’t have a skimmer and right after treating with a high dosage of muratic acid, it went from crystal clear to green literally in minutes). So I’ve done everything they have had me do over the last few weeks and the water is still cloudy with a dusty film that sinks to the bottom. They’ve had me treat with banish twice and then the weekly maintenance dosage. Now they’re having me treat with copper algaecide. I will attach my test results from yesterday. They had me treat with muratic acid, double shock and half a bottle of copper algaecide yesterday and it looks exactly the same this morning. Important info, it looked the same before my levels were high as well. Idk what to do. I’m so frustrated. I can’t get it clear. I’ve spend hundreds of dollars on chemicals and drive across down almost daily to have the water tested and I’m ready to give up. I also use the sock method and that’s helped. Picture of water as well. 4C811F72-3DBB-4BB9-8D0F-0DA31F988839.jpeg79594933-5BC6-4C45-B62B-63A43AC5314C.jpeg


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Jun 1, 2018
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You’re going to need a decent test kit to take proper control of your pool maintenance.See Test Kits Compared
the tf100 is the best value.
Until that comes u should add 5ppm of liquid chlorine daily Use PoolMath To calculate additions

in the meantime read theABCs of Pool Water Chemistry

& here’s a little video of how tfpc works

When you’re test kit arrives post the results here.
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