Help choosing pool equipment?


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Aug 23, 2012
S. Louisiana
so we're finally building our pool...putting in a 18x36 Deer Creek from

it's a shallow play pool with a 6ft middle, 3.5' - 4' on ends

I'm going with a Hayward 1.5hp Tri Star 2 spd with a Hayward 2" C3030 (325 sqft)

I'm only putting 1 light in, a Crystallogic LED, and feel this is where I might regret this choice. Do I need two? Our last pool had two but was not LED and really don't want to spend another $600 on a light, niche, transformer yadadada. ie, I'm already over budget with a poolhouse etc etc

Will prob switch to salt later but not for this summer.

*edit: I'm putting in 4 deck jets, the only accessories i'll be running on the pump



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Jul 7, 2014
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Sorry I don't have any comments on the lights, but did want to add a suggestion on your SWCG upgrade.

Not sure if you, or a PB, will be doing the pad plumbing, but either way, make sure you leave a long stretch of straight pipe where you want the SWCG to go.

PB's will often make the equipment pad as condensed as possible making it almost impossible to easily modify later.

Thanks for posting,

Jim R.


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Jul 16, 2012
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My light comment is that you may be underwhelmed with one light. I'll give my logic. My pool is 18' x 38' though rectangular, so larger. My plaster is medium gray color (not sure what color yours is). My pool goes to 8 1/2' deep, so deeper. All of those factors require more light than a smaller, whiter, shallower pool. However, I would not be happy with one light in my pool. Just one point of reference and not a perfect comparison.

Also on the salt, make sure you get the T-15 cell, the largest Hayward makes.

You can add a SWCG later, not so with a light.