Help!! Backfill and ditch around pool??


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May 29, 2019
I had my pool installed last year. Right after the installation I had the river rock installed, so how the slope/ ditch was then in unknown. I recently noticed a few inches of water settling on the one side of the pool in the rocks.(photo 1) so I decided to pull all the rocks out and this is what it looked like (photo 2) my plan is to backfill up the pool wall a few inches and dig a ditch so the water will flow to the lower part(photo 3 and 4). I still have some tapering work to do so water doesn’t settle. Does this look like it will work and solve my problem and prevent rust in the future? Any input would be greatly appreciated.



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Jul 10, 2009
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I would not pile anything against the side of the pool that holds moisture. I would scrape the dirt so it was an inch away from the wall and fill in with gravel, then set the larger stones on top. Is the water accumulation from rain, or is it just splashout while swimming? You may want to dig your trench wider and deeper and add a french drain around the pool to channel the water away.