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May 24, 2007
New Orleans, LA

My name is Josh Ulfers and I run SaltPoolGuys.com.

I've grown up in the pool industry and left retail to start selling online. We offer salt systems (AutoPilot and Resilience) and other pool technology products. I live in Metairie, LA (just about 5 minutes from downtown New Orleans).

My pool/spa combo is powered by a Pentair D.E. filter, Pentair Challenger pump, Polaris 280, Polaris QT Blower, AutoPilot Total Control, Pentair SaM light.


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Mar 28, 2007
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Hi, Josh, and Welcome to TFP.

As someone in the 'industry' you have taken the first step to being well-liked on this board, and that is by id'ing yourself as a pool equipment dealer in your signature.

You might want to review the following pool rules, especially the third paragraph regarding dealers!

Enjoy your stay!

ETA I formerly lived near NO, for 30 years.


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Saltpoolguys.com will be the next vendor to offer a discount to TFP supporters! We are working out the details now.

Your signiture is a simple text link which falls within the guidlines.

We all look forward to many informative posts.

Thanks Josh and welcome!


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Apr 15, 2007
Ft Lauderdale, Florida
Hey Josh! Welcome aboard.

I've known Josh for a while now and I can tell you that he's a great example of someone who's taken the time to learn the industry and know alot about pool products. Josh doesn't just sell salt systems and I highly recommend Josh when you are looking for pool equipment. As Sean B. said, they are working out the details for Josh's Saltpoolguys.com site.
Whatever he doesn't have on line, call him. He is very prompt and reasonable with his prices.