Aug 20, 2021
Bakersfield, CA
Hello, TFP users. I'm RJ and I own a home that came with a 24,000 gallon sand filter equipped pool. It has a spa spillover feature, but nothing else. From what I can tell, it's a pretty old pool since it features a pop-up cleaning system. There are some light cracks in the plaster that I hope to get repaired early next spring, but other than that it's doing well.

As far as water quality goes, the summers have been brutal since I live in Bakersfield, CA where 100+ degree weather is common. Pool seems to run through chlorine tabs like nothing. And if I miss brushing it just one week, forget it. It's a dirty mess. Nevertheless, I just replaced my old single speed pump with an IntelliPro VSF a week ago, and, so far, it seems to help keep the water much cleaner. I believe this is likely the case because of the flow rate it can reach and maintain, which my aging single speed was incapable of reaching. Fingers crossed that things continue on this trajectory.

Anyway, I'm glad to have found this forum and look forward to learning from all of you!