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Mar 13, 2016
Better Pools is a veteran-owned pool cleaning/maintenance company. I have owned pools most of my life, then decided to make a business out of it several years ago. Hopefully, I can offer some help with your pool issues. Thanks, and happy swimming!


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May 11, 2014
Franklin, NC
Welcome to TFP!!:handwave:

Just a heads up, as a forum directed to homeowners who maintain their own pools we make recommendations that are very different in many ways from what a pool service can do visiting once a week. I invite you to read through some of our Pool School articles to get a feeling for our system as we teach accurate water testing and only adding what the pool needs, when it needs it. I would recommend starting with these:
ABCs of Water Chemistry
Recommended Pool Chemicals
How to Chlorinate Your Pool

So again, welcome to TFP!!


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Jul 28, 2015
Cypress, Texas
Thank you for your service, Better Pool person! Prior service Army dude here (92-97).

I'm still learning the ABC's for taking care of my pool but this is the place I spend most of my online time learning about how to properly maintain my pool. This is the most helpful online forum I've ever experienced.


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Jun 7, 2011
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Welcome to the forum, and thanks for your service. :salut:

Hope you stick around and enjoy the forum. Don't be shy with those questions, and we will try our best. :goodjob: