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Nov 14, 2021
El Paso, TX
Hello, we have a swim spa which is just 1600 gallons and relatively easy to maintain so far (installed July 2021, we will be entering our first winter with it.) I am mainly interested in a better understanding of chemical balancing at this point. The pool seller installed and gave a brief lesson, which was initially sufficient, but instructed us only to call them if readings on a couple of things besides chlorine and Ph got out of optimum. They are 40 miles away and I definitely prefer to handle things myself, and in quicker fashion if possible.

We have been using the chemicals they suggested which have mostly kept things in line, but there was no explanation that the BioGuard sanitizer they supplied- contained, and was the source of the CYA. We've had a couple of cloudy issues, and while we were able to overcome them, I was surprised to learn that the product I was using to shock, was also raising the CYA level, contributing to chlorine lock. We have definitely been using more sanitizer to maintain free chlorine levels, and ultimately I was driving the CYA level up every time I was adding that product. I'm happy to have found a source of information that is not a seller or manufacturer, but a knowledge base and forum! Looking forward to upping my understanding, and ability to maintain things better.


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May 3, 2014
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