Hello Newbie from Rio Rancho, NM

Tina Y

New member
Oct 18, 2020
Albuquerque, NM
Hello everyone,
My husband and I purchased a home in Rio Ranchi, NM last November and inherited a pool sling with the home. We are first time pool owners and have very much enjoyed getting to know our pool, equipment and what it means to be pool owners. It has been quite the learning curve already as we did not get any paperwork or anything regarding the pool when we purchased the home.
We have had a nice summer with clear water and lots of fun swimming. We have experienced a few issues in that even with a brand new salt cell and adequate salt, our SWG does not seem to be generating nearly enough chlorine to keep the chlorine levels in the desired range. We have worked with a rep from the AutoPilot company trying to trouble shoot the issue and after several weeks of back and forth emails etc we were unable to come up with a solution or even a solid theory as all of the tests he had us run in the unit indicated that everything was running correctly. So we will more than likely have to replace the motherboard or the entire SWG next season. Anyhow, I wanted to introduce myself as I am certain I will be around asking many questions in the future and learning a great deal from everyone here.