Hello, LG here from East Coast of VA!


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Aug 4, 2020
Hello All, just joining this after searching through a myriad of confusing pool chem info online- I'm sure you have felt my pain, LOL! I recently purchased an 18' x 48" Intex Easy Set AG Pool. I took the water to Leslie's Pool Supply store, and they loaded me up with Shock, Hardness Plus, NoPhos and Alkalinity Up...probably more, but that's all I can remember. Pool has slowly started to get cloudy. I have the junk pump on there that it came with 1.5gph filter. Want to get a sand pump and eventual heater, but no funds for that right now. Tropical storm came through last night- pool had been getting cloudy, but after skimming about 100 leaves and various debris out- it's super cloudy! Hoping to get some answers on here.