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Oct 20, 2018
Hello everyone!

I have been a silent member since 2018 – This is my very first post. As of 2018 the idea of building a pool was not popular in my household – essentially my wife did not want it. So, I spent my time dreaming about it and silently enjoying all the build posts and other information on this site. Kudos to this site -really appreciate the sharing. I eventually got familiar with Structural Studios and have been playing with pool designs like a little kid. Anyway, fast forward to now, not sure between COVID pandemic, lock down, stay at home etc and my throwing in that “life is short; ‘vacation at home’, ‘bring the resort to you’ blah blah blah, my wife is now on board – so it’s a go. Never owned or built a pool before so excited about it all.

I’ve posted my latest sketch - attached

Pool is more like a L-shaped lap pool –

Dimensions: 17’6”x46’x36’,

Depth: 4’ – 5’8”

Swim-up bar (4 stools)

Sunken patio area with bar center, lounge seat walls, TV mount wall (under smaller patio cover)

Large patio cover (existing – will keep)

Hot-tub (to purchase later – but sunken location would be part of the build)

Still deliberating between vinyl and gunite. Just starting to look for pool builders. Would appreciate recommendations in my area.



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Jul 10, 2012
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Love me some L shaped pools! Best of both worlds-play and swim.

The bar stools=gunite pool. I really don't think they can be done in a vinyl pool. No way to attach them.

Can you share where this work of art is going so we can see what kind of yard/area you are working with?