Hello from West Texas


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Jun 26, 2017
Snyder, TX
Been a member for about 3yrs. We put the pool on hold till now. Been out in this desert heat since 2011, I told the wife last night "I cant do these summers without water anymore." Our nearest lake is a cluster on the weekends. I'm not gonna sit at a boat ramp for 1hr waiting to launch.

Looking at a gunite pool from Southwest Pools outta Abilene, TX. Seems what we want is looking around $55,000.

We have a hot tub on the back porch. My 6,4 and 3yr olds are officially doing cannon balls off the side of the hot tub into it. I gotta get these animals a pool.

Thanks for having me. If this pool pans out, I'll be on here all the time.
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