hello from virginia beach, va



i am at a sortof loss with my pool, i used to have a weekly service but they got EXPENSIVE and i am tired i paying it, i am going to once amonth but but will need a little help on the way, my sig should tell you about my pool preety well. if you have any questions about me or what ever, go ahead

its great to see a wonderful forum like this.

i bought this house about 3 months ago with the pool being open for 1 month, the pool people said it was the cleanest pool they opened all year, no alge and it was crystal clear even though it had no filter or chemicals for 4 months. this is my first pool ever (other than the blowup 1 foot deep kiddy pool).
Jul 18, 2007
Welcome to TFP and good luck with your new pool. I noticed the water volume (63,000 gals.) you said that your pool service had quoted you. I thougt it sounded a bit high and ran the numbers.

25'width X 50'length X 6.25 average depth = 58,400 gallons according to the pool calculator link posted on this web site


Using the correct volume when calculating chemical quantities will make your results much more accurate and also save you $$$$$$.