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Rodger Uhrhahn

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Sep 15, 2021
Southern Utah
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So glad to be here. We are almost underway with our new project in Southern Utah, we’re building a new house with a small 12x24 plaster pool, we still are not sure what equipment we are getting because of availability but we are going with a salt pool with an auto cover.
House footings are done not sure when the pool starts but I’m glad I’m here when questions arise on chemistry. Been battling a chlorine pool all summer long in Salt Lake City, Utah, the heat has made it a real challenge this year and being new to pool maintenance hasn’t helped but we’re getting there.
thanks for the add


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Jun 16, 2019
Hey Rodger and Welcome !!! Pool equipment is tough these days. I'm building at some point too and was told I'd get what was available. My PB agreed to let me get it myself.

Sure we all have our own fans, but in reality, any VS pump and large filter will do the job just fine.

The key is the SWG. Their size rating is assuming a 24/7 hour runtime to produce enough FC for that sized pool. Being in Utah with crazy UV demand, you'll probably need to add liquid chlorine as a supplement in the peak season if it's sized for the pool. We reccomend going 2X or more to allow the same production in half the time, allowing you more options with runtime. And cells have a finite lifespan based on runtime (8-10k hours). If you only need to run it 12 hours a day, it lasts twice as long. The size increase is usually a 20% jump in cost so the math is way in your favor there.


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Mar 25, 2021
St George, UT
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Welcome neighbor! Our pool project is underway right now. Big hole in the courtyard, plumbing starts tomorrow.