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Jul 14, 2020
I have an older vinyl pool and have mostly been able to care for it myself as a senior citizen, but there are things that I can't do so I have to rely on the local pool center for opening, closing, repairs etc. I am starting to lose confidence in the store and service. When they opened the pool they said that I had an air leak and needed to have my 18 month old Multiport valve replaced. Since the sand filter was over 20 years and was shooting sand into the pool, I decided to have it replaced and thought it would solve the problem of the air bubbles. It did not. I did discover that there is another leak coming from the filter. Here is the picture of the leaky joint as well as a foam on the surface of the pool. I sent the pictures to the pool service people since they just installed the filter yesterday, I thought that maybe this should have been checked and or replaced. I am going there tomorrow for supplies and a water check. Any suggestions as to what I should be asking. Once I get this taken care of, I am going to try to figure out the simple chemical solutions on this site as it make a great deal more sense. Thanks in advance - Linda Tuttle


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Hello and welcome to TFP! :wave: I have a few notes and suggestions:
1. There are two types of leaks: a suction side air leak (from skimmer to pump) that pulls-in air. That can result in air under the clear lid of the pump basket and bubbles flowing out of the return jets. The most common reason for that is the o-ring under the clear lid doesn't have an adequate amount of pool silicone lube. Sometimes a bad joint or seal "before" the pump. The other leak is AFTER the pump which is the pressure side. Those kind of leaks tend to show water.
2. Your multiport valve (MPV), if going bad, usually results in either a minor amount of water leaking or water flowing somewhere that the handle is not position. For example, water flowing to WASTE when it's actually on FILTER.
3. Sand doesn't go bad unless pool store gels like floc or clarifiers were added to it. So now that you have a new filter and sand, be weary of their products. You should need nothing more than liquid chlorine regular bleach), muriatic acid (for pH), stabilizer, and perhaps baking soda. See my signature for more info and helpful links.
4. Pool store testing is generally ill-advised because they are not accurate, and their products often time not needed or way over-priced. You can test your own water very easily with a TF-100 (link in my signature) or the Taylor K-2006C test kit. I recommend the TF-100. See Test Kits Compared.
5. Anything blowing our of your new filter back to the pool must be from the components inside either not assembled probably or damaged during install. That is usually the "laterals" at the bottom under the sand.
6. The flexible spa hoses you have installed may be leaking at one of those clamps. Hard to tell from the pics. But if the pool company is coming back out to check the filter, they should fix that for you.
7. Foam could be an indication of using the wrong bleach (splashless or scented) or some other chemical added to the water. If you know of anything other than pool chlorine that was added let us know.
8. Make sure to read our ABCs of Pool Water Chemistry.

Hope that helps get you going. Let us know if you have any other questions.
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