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Sep 20, 2021
Palm City, FL
I found TFP by way of another forum, The Hull Truth Boating Forum, and what a great resource. We're finalizing the design on a new build now so thinking I'll go start a build thread to track the progress. Reading through some of the ABC's on here has me feeling confident in most of my decisions to this point but mostly just makes me realize how much there is to learn.

Here's what we've got so far which should be pretty close to the final design although I'm eager to hear any suggestions/critiques: 15' x30' rectangular w/6' x 11' sun shelf (2 bubblers & umbrella) / 3.5' to 5.5' deep end with angled benches & raised water feature / SW with Jandy equipment, heater & Aqualink TCX. Going to add another light but would welcome input on where to put it. Would I be better off having 2 in-line with each other on the middle of the pool wall or putting one up on the shelf?

Bradley Con Mark Up 10-5-21.jpg Rend 15x30 Rev 10-5-21.jpg
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Jun 16, 2019
Hey sublime and Welcome !! The normal filter size maths don’t take into account your environment and it looks like you have a good deal of trees that will be dropping crud in the pool.

I would often watch (and with great anger) when leaves/pollen would float sideways in the breeze from the front yard and drop like bricks once they got to the protected area over the pool.

A larger filter doesn’t clean any better, but it puts off having to clean it by the same % of increase. Cleaning yours every 3 months (?) will get old quick with your long swim season. Upgrading to a 500 square ft may be $500, but it’s a fraction of the overall build for the backbone of your whole operation.
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