Hello from the state of TEXAS!!


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Aug 17, 2020
Montgomery, TX
Built a new pool along with a new house last year. I have 2 sons, married and 4 grandchildren who we love dearly and they come out often to swim...which we are super excited about!!! Well....they have enjoyed our pool SO much their parents have decided to build pools also. Your site was recommended to me by one of my sons as I would love to learn how to read chemical levels to maintain a sparkling pool AND save myself a hefty monthly fee having someone to keep it balanced. Looking forward to learning as much as possible from your site!!


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Jun 26, 2017
Snyder, TX
Hello from another Texas crew.

We're not scheduled to dig till March. But I've been reading a lot on this site. Really great info. Hopefully I'll have my brain wrapped around the process by the time our pool is built.

The TFP members have been very nice.