Hello from Texas

May 16, 2016
Hello from Dallas Texas, Newbie to the forum and glad it showed up on my google search. I have been a pool owner for 13years, the house I bought came with it, I wasn't even looking for a pool. Everyone says it is a money pit, I STRONGLY disagree. Converted from chlorine to a salt system within a year of moving in. Managed the pool myself, never contracted anyone for anything. Had a home warranty that took care of pool equipment, and for 13 years I replace the pump motor 1 3 years ago, this year I replaced the salt cell for the first time. This past winter, I completely neglected the pool and look what I end up with (Pics). It would have cost a few pennies to chemically treat it, so I decided to Drain.
1. 24000 Gallons, rented a pool suction pump @ 47G/min, was drained in 10hrs.
2. Power wash the walls (morning).
3. Chlorine scrub the wall (after noon).
4. Acid wash the wall (next morning).
5. fill the pool 32hrs (@ sunset)
6. Tested water --> all clear accept of salt of course, had to put 15 40lbs bags and run it for 48hrs.
Pool is COLD.
Looking forward for great discussions.

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