Hello from Slidell LA!


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May 1, 2021
Slidell, LA
We are currently building a pool and have just completed the gunite. This will be the 3rd pool we have built. This will be our smallest pool yet due to the size of our yard. Our two previous pools were both 16x32 lagoon-style with a hot tub. This one is rectangular 15x25 with a hot tub that is completely within the pool perimeter. Our last pool was a saltwater pool with a chlorine generator. We chose not to go that route with this pool due to the issues we had with our outdoor furniture and grills rusting. We suspected this was accelerated by the saltwater. Our builder installed a Nature 2 Fusion tablet feeder that also has a mineral cartridge.

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Welcome to TFP! :wave: Word of caution ..... those Nature 2 mineral packs add copper to the water. I'd remove those packs before your copper level increases and you get staining. Stick to liquid chlorine as much as you can. Have a great day. :swim: