Hello from Rhode Island


Aug 21, 2020
Rhode Island
Hi all, new almost-pool owner here.

Well, actually, the check cleared so I suppose I own the pool. Just can't use it yet. Having it installed now... they started the dig two days ago and thankfully no ledge or rocks the size of a bus. So, that's a plus. Totally misread our contract with the pool company though and didn't realize that installation costs were not included in the itemized invoice. So, that's a minus. But, due to a snafu between the installer and the distributor we are getting the Hayward OmniHub at no cost. So, another plus. Also, Rhode Island allows home owners to do their own electrical work so I'm, well, doing all the electrical for the install to save costs. That could be a plus or a minus I suppose.

Anyway, just wanted to say hello and thanks to all the other members who have made this site a valuable resource in the past few months of pool planning.



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Jun 16, 2019
Hey Gary and Welcome. I’m just south of you on Long Island. A state and a body of water away but it’s amazing how close it is.

start up a thread in ‘under construction‘. We have a thing for builds. And pics.
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