Hello from NW Arkansas

Big Boonie

Jun 2, 2019
Greenwood, AR
Hello, thought I'd take a sec to introduce myself. Most of it's on my profile now, but here's a rundown. Retired ATC and now hobby farmer and tinkerer. Older home with pool that we've owned almost 15 years now (man! are the years getting shorter?). By necessity and inclination, I like working on things myself as it satisfies my curiosity and I learn how things ought to properly work. It involves some study and trial and error at times, but I generally manage quite satisfactorily. My family always wanted a pool while I was ambivalent about it. Now that we own one, they seem to enjoy looking at it while I spend the most time in it (playing with the grands and dunking in after a hot day of mowing or tending my small acreage. While I'm not as far south as where I grew up, it's still bloody hot most summers here and the pool is a great reliever.