Hello from new member, first time pool owner

Resident in Cairns, northern Australia.
Salt water pool, and totally ignorant of pool culture.
First hurdle (dipping my toe in the water?) is to calculate pool volume, which I'm aiming to do by "slicing the pool" at metre intervals,
measure width and depth, and either write some code or freeload on some hopefully existing code to do the calculation.
It's been a pleasant surprise to find that this group exists.
thanks in advance, because I'm sure there will be questions to follow
Roger Edgecombe


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Jun 16, 2019
Welcome rde, we have plenty of down under-ers already hanging out with us (up over-ers ??). Post up any questions or concerns and folks wil be happy to guide you along. Read up on ABCs of Pool Water Chemistry when you have some time and then check out the other articles of pool school. Great stuff. Its alot to digest at first with all the new terms for most people, so read it 10 times if need be.


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Jan 23, 2018
Canberra ACT
Welcome Roger,
from all the way down south in Canberra.... you are in my favourite part of the country, just haven't visited now for a couple of years
check out Pool School - Trouble Free Pool
when you get a chance fill in you signature so we can get details of pool and equipment

TFP promotes personal testing of your water and over here in OZ we really only have one choice for a proper test kit .... visit Clear Choice Labs for your options .... it may look expensive up front but it will pay off over time

I know Cairns has a Bunnings (or two) so simple to get your required Chlorine etc depending just where you are up there. :)



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Oct 25, 2015
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Welcome aboard Roger! We've got quite a few members down there. When you can please fill in your signature with pool and equipment details. It will help get you advice quicker if you ever need it.

Again welcome!