Hello from Nevada - DIY Owner Builder (I hope) future pool


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Aug 26, 2020
Near Carson City Nevada
Hi all, my lovely wife has convinced me to go the DIY route with building an in-ground vinyl lined pool.

I have a quote from Pool Warehouse - but I am not sure on the equipment, etc they recommend.

Can I post that quote to get opinions/guidance?

I have also searched and lurked on the forums for a bit - so I know there are folks who have DIY'd their own pool builds. Over the course of the past couple of months, I have been stonewalled by PB who refuse to even answer questions, since I am wanting to do this myself - I guess because it bites into their profits - so it has been a very frustrating process so far.

Thank you!


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Aug 26, 2020
Near Carson City Nevada
Thank you all for the warm welcome. So, I'll post this here: I have left the quoted prices for this kit.

I have been struggling with what I need as far as electrical. I can't seem to find an electrician who knows pools in my area (other than already working for a pool installer... and they won't talk to me.)

So, the pump and all of that - from what I read, these are considered good equipment. I don't HAVE to buy the pump and such from this company - so I am open to suggestions on what might be better for this size pool, etc.

I am working on a $35k budget, which I hope I can stay within. :)

Pool TypeHampton
Pool Size20' x 40' Hampton Pool Kit (designed up to 8' deep)
Pool Walls42" steel6,750.00
Pool Wall BracesBraces - Turnbuckle Fold Over Brace (Heavy Duty) - Standard On Steel Kits0.00
Pool CopingCoping - Cantilever Coping For Bricks or Stone Around The Pool & Step0.00
Corner RadiusHampton Corners - 2' Reversed Radius Corners100.00
Pool LinerLiner - 30 Mil - Caribbean Sand Stone750.00
Pool BottomBottom Dig - 42" Wall Standard Diving Pool 3'4" Shallow End With 8' Deep End0.00
Pool Polymer StepNone0.00
Pool Liner Over Steel Pool StepSteel Step - 20’ Hampton Steel Step1,995.00
Pool Step LocationLocation - Center End Of Pool0.00
Pool BenchNone0.00
In Pool SpaSwim Up Spa - 8ft Cozy Cove Plumbed With 6 Jets, Cantilever, White1,595.00
Pool Step Jet KitStep Jets - 2 White Spa Jets With Air Intake125.00
Deck JetsDeck Jets - 4 Deck Jets395.00
Pool PumpPump - 2 HP Excel Professional Grade Pool Pump395.00
Pool FilterFilter - Hayward 4820 DE Filter, Multi-Port Valve, 96 GPM, 2"895.00
Pool SkimmerSkimmer - 2 Aqua Genie Skimmers And 1 Return250.00
Salt Water Chlorination SystemsChlorination - In-line Auto Chlorinator95.00
Plumbing KitPool Plumbing Kit - 2" Platinum Plumbing Kit, 200' FLEX PVC595.00
Pool CleanerCleaner Style - Hayward AquaNaut 400525.00
Pool Light #1Light - 500 WATT WHITE LIGHT 120 VOLT WITH 50' CORD AND NICHE395.00
Pool Light #2None0.00
Pool HeaterHeater - Hayward Universal H-Series 250k btu digital natural gas2,095.00
Pool Diving BoardNone0.00
Pool SlidesNone0.00
Pool AlarmNone0.00
Pool HandrailHandrail - 2 Deluxe Stainless Steel Handrails With Escushions150.00
Pool LadderLadder - Deluxe Stainless Steel Deep End Ladder With Escushions0.00
Pool Handrail & Ladder AnchorsAnchors - Polymer Deck Anchors For Ladder And Hand Rail0.00
Pool Wall PaddingSteel Padding - 2 Rolls of 42" Padding For Walls, 4 Cans Adhesive & Seam Tape195.00
Pool Maintenance KitKit Style - Safety Rope & Rope Anchors0.00
Lift Gate ServiceLift Gate Service - Curb Side, LTL Freight Unloaded by Customer With Lift Gate, Forks Needed50.00
Ship To StateShip To State & Lead Time (Allow 10 - 12 Weeks Before Your Order Ships) - Nevada595.00
$ 17,945.00​


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Jul 3, 2013
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Filter: DE filter is the best filter... That is great when you have a clear pool and can be death when and if it turns green because it filters so good...

pump: Do not get that pump, it is a 1 speed 2 HP pump (1500 watts, 12 hours a day $65 to $100 dollars a month) and will run your electricity bill up, WAY UP... You want a VSF pump, yes they are expensive but when you run them at the cost of a light bulb they pay for themselves Average 400 watts, 12 hours a day $12 to $20 dollars a month... most run these pumps 24/7 at 100 watts or so :)
if you get a VSF pump also install a whole house surge protector and a pump surge protector, the electrician will also know how to install these.

Chlorination - In-line Auto Chlorinator: We do not recommend these as they use 3 inch tabs and your CYA will be out of control by the 3rd month of your pool being open.. Get a salt water generator or use liquid chlorine to sanitize your pool. Along with a TF 100 test kit :)

Light: That light is a tried and true light, most are going with low voltage 12V LED lights now.. Not sure if they have that but something to think about

plumbing: Most do not use the flex tube as schedule 40 2 inch hard pipe is better as it does not flex and has no way to close or slow down flow....

Electrical: call around to local electricians and ask for quotes to run electrical. most electricians can install pool pumps and run electrical with no problems.

I hope this helps :)