Hello from NC


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May 30, 2008
NE North Carolina
Hello all. NC "Newbie" pool owner with a three year old 24' AGP. JUST finished the conversion from baquacil today and am still learning chlorine based pool care (gee....are all new pool owners as gullible as I was...) Local Pool Store was horrified that I would even think to dump bleach in my pool 8) . "You don't know what the intert ingredients are!!!" There wasn't much of an answer when I asked what the inert ingredients were in their products. Besides the pool, I have a family (wife and 2 kids), three dogs, a parrot, and two lambs. Oh yeah, can't forget the pig we have every spring for my daughter to show... Other intrests include hockey, NASCAR, aquariums, and gardening.

Just a quick thanks to everyone who has posted on the baquacil forum...I never posted but learned all I needed to get the cleanest, most sparkling water I hve evern seen.


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Apr 1, 2007
Sebring, Florida

It doesn't matter where you post...we're glad to have you. Welcome!!

We Carolinians are gaining on the Texans...we may even catch them next month!!


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Sep 6, 2007
First, Welcome fellow Carolinian. Good luck with the pool.

Second, you're an F-er fan? You do know there is a more local team down here, eh? Just kidding. We do have a Hockey Talk thread in the Coffee Bar arena.

Kudos to the F-er fanbase. Last year the team was last in the league, but 4th in overall attendance. Better home attendance than Detroit. Nice to see the team turn it around so well.