Hello from NC


Apr 20, 2017
Iron Station, NC
Hello TFP!
We installed our pool in 2014 and we have opened up in anticipation of the warm weather season!
We have a 20 by 40 radius rectangle, 3ft to 8ft in vinyl. All our equipment is Jandy, except for the Polaris pressure side robot.
We live in NC, just about 20 minutes west of Charlotte. Besides me, my family includes my wife of 15 years and our 13 and 4 year old daughters.
Finally decided to join and live this season trouble-free! We have been relatively free from trouble, except for some equipment malfunctions, but I have not taken on learning about pool chemistry. I just took the water and did what they told me to do. Fortunately, the people who own the pool store where I have been going are honest, experienced and very good folks. They don't sell you anything other than what you need. They don't do what I have read what many others have been told by pool store staff, and the people who work the counter actually own a pool and have for several decades. However, I am an avid DIY er and I want to not be dependent on others to tell me what I need to do with my pool. I also wanted to get a more accurate test more than once per month. I am looking forward to having a TFP summer!