Hello from Minnesota - New to us ABG Pool!


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Jul 26, 2020
Harris, MN
Hi All,
We purchased a used Wil-Bar above ground pool at the end of last season. We just received a new liner for it so are ready to install it in our yard! I have a 12 and 13yo that are so excited to finally be getting their pool set up after multiple 90-100 degree days without one! We have been watching several DIY videos on how to set up the pool. We are leveling the ground right now. Any helpful hints on ways to do this welcomed. We know how important having the pool level is to the the life of our pool!

We also bought a gorilla pad to put down over the sand that we lay. Not sure if that was needed but wanted to safe rather than sorry!

We live in the country so have a well to fill the pool. When we had a cheaper above ground (temporary kind) pool we had trouble with the iron in our pool once we added the chemicals the water would turn brown. I am wondering if we will have the same issue with this one or if there are ways to prevent that from happening or if it just needs to cycle through? It came with a Aquastar 26" Sand filter system with 1.5 hp. Just curious if anyone else has had those issues.

We are very new to the Above Ground Pool thing so any pointers will be welcome. Is there classes anywhere you can learn how to take care of your pool?


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Hello Becky and welcome to TFP! :wave: With a well, yes, iron will almost always be a problem unless you are able to filter some out in advance. Take a look at the link below. If you can filter that stuff out early-on, you'll have a much more enjoyable season. Congrats on the new pool. :swim:

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