Hello from Melbourne, Australia


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Jan 13, 2020
I think I've been lurking for a while and only just got around to registering because I wanted a closer look at a photo of a temp probe mount into PVC piping for a project I'm currently tinkering with. I had pools growing up and just built a new pool 4-5 years ago when I bulldozed and built my new house. It's not a big pool (only 22,000 litres + a 2,000 litre spa) and it's no effort to keep clean and chemically balanced, though I take a water sample down to the local pool shop every now and then for them to tell me everything is still spot on. It's a salt chlorinated pool, automated with remote app control (Jandy Aqualink), sand media filter, Astral viron P600 variable speed pump, and something you don't normally see...a 3-phase 45kW heat pump to heat the spa! I refused to have gas connected to the property as that's $300 a year just for the meter, and it only costs me about $2 in power to heat the spa on demand in just over an hour (in summer...double that in winter...which is still cheaper than gas!).
I've also created a Raspberry Pi project running up to 16 relays and multiple temperature sensors that serves up a web site that can control the pool remotely using phone/tablet/pc via the internet and even locally via wifi if you don't have internet. So far I've automated a couple of friends' pools with Jandy actuators so they can control things remotely for a lot less $$$ than an Aqualink system.