Hello From Long Island New York!

Hi my name is Justin.

So, my wife and I recently bought a house and became an owner of a 18x36 inground chlorinated pool. (I’m thinking to switch to salt but more on that later)

I’m not to savvy with pools but I am here to learn and gain much knowledge from all of you. This will help me take care of my pool the best I can. Im a pretty handy guy so hopefully any advice you give I’ll be able to do

So just some info on my pool. It was about 30 years old and it needed work. It’s a vinyl pool with a sand bottom and steel walls.

We recently had some major renovations done to it. Brand new liner with new foam Underneath, two new wide mouth skimmers, New returns, Two new main drains, new fiberglass steps with jets in them, New top mount track for bullnose coping (we plan to do paver stone soon) and all new 2 inch schedule 40 PVC plumbing throughout the entire pool and equipment area (Use to be 1.5” flex pipe) Currently we have a pentair variable speed intelli flo pump (just bought), Hayward pro DE Filter (I believe it’s DE4820), a Hayward multi port valve, a Hayward chlorinator along with an aqua cal heater which we haven’t used yet. The sun rises right over our pool so it stays pretty warm. So we’ve done quite a bit a we were able to finally get in it end of July. Felt amazing.

So yea I’m happy to be a part of this community. I’ve heard many great things! Any advice is much appreciated and thanks for all the help you guys provide! Now on to going from chlorine to Salt. Should I do it? Pros Cons?
Thanks guys!


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May 20, 2020
Katy TX
Welcome to the forum. You will find a lot of good info and discussions regarding use of a SWG (salt water generator) or just continue to use liquid chlorine to maintain your FC (free chlorine) level. I am in the latter camp only because the pool had been using 3" chlorine pucks and I have not converted to SWG - yet (I am still debating as well as I will need to do some major replumbing to fit it all on the existing equipment pad. Best you start with ABCs of Pool Water Chemistry so you can keep the pool free of algae and review all the discussions on pros and cons of salt water pool. Glad your are enjoying your pool - appears you put in a lot of effort to make it right and now you can reap the benefits.


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Jun 16, 2019
Hey FE and Welcome !!! Salt wins hands down. The biggest and most frequent complaint from people who made the switch is that they are mad at themselves for not doing it sooner.