Hello from LeClaire, IA


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Jun 10, 2016
Le Claire, IA
Hi everyone! I've been a pool owner going on three years now. This summer will be the second time I've opened the pool since we've moved into the house. We have a 24' across above ground pool with sand filter. Going a different route this year and steering away from the 6 in 1 packets. Going to try and conduct my own testing too if I can get my hands on a Taylor K-2006 kit.

Any advice is greatly appreciated!



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Feb 3, 2014
Central Minnesota
Welcome aboard! :wave:

Spend some time in Pool School if you haven't already, especially on the ABCs!

If you don't already have a test kit, the TF-100 is a better overall value than the K-2006. It has all the same tests, but with more reagents so you can get more tests from the kit. It's almost always cheaper as well.


The SpeedStir is a very nice addition to the kit. Makes mixing easier and testing more accurate. Not required, but I'd never test without mine!