Hello From Katy, TX,


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Jul 7, 2007
Katy, TX.
Hello to All,
My name is Larry. My family and I hail from Katy, TX., the land of eternal rain this summer. I am an engineer (Petroleum) by trade and an avid sporting clays shooter. We have a 23,000gal. in-ground gunnite pool w/ spa, heater, DE filter, flagstone coping and deck accents, Diamond Brite plaster, Polaris sweeper and water fall features. We had this pool built approx. 5 years ago and it has been relatively trouble free over the last several years w/the exception of the heater which I had replaced this last winter. I have been a disciple of the BBB program for about 3 years now, w/ short stints away from the bleach regiment due to work. I am having some problems now w/ scaling at the water line which I hope to address shortly. I am definitely not a pool expert, but I have been lurking off and on at Pool Solutions for some time. I do have some water chemistry history w/ oil and gas salt water floods and disposal. Some problems (metallurgy, scale, etc) appear to be similar in nature and solution, just on a bigger scale. But as I said, I am not a water chemistry expert by any means. There appear to be many of the same experts present over here that I have had the pleasure of learning so much from in the past and look forward to sharing our experiences here! It appears to be a great board.
Thanks for letting me share,