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Hey, neighbor! You've come to the right place! First of all, get yourself set up with a GOOD test kit, Test Kits Compared will get you started. While you're waiting on your new test kit to arrive, read ABCs of Pool Water Chemistry. That will give you a foundation in what you need to know about keeping a TFP pool.

Finally, ask any questions you want -- we have many volunteers who are happy to share their knowledge with you.

And a big old fat WELCOME from Bremen, GA for you!


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May 16, 2020
Hi all, I am a self proclaimed pool expert. Almost.

It all started about twenty years ago ( or more) when I was involved with a Boy Scout camp that had a swimming pool. It was originally built about 1930 and had not been used in about ten years. When asking why it was not used I was told that it leaked and the filtration system needed replacing. No money to do it.

As a small business owner we decided to take on this pool as a project, solid concrete with massive cracks. The cracks were sawed out dovetail fashion and filled with concrete. the sand filter I got inside and took the sand out with a coffee can. only to discover that the pipe at the bottom was disconnected.
In South Georgia it is very hot inside an empty pool in August running a saw with a concrete blade'. It took every week end for about six months before we were ready to add water.

I purchase a big Taylor test kit, and everything I know about pools came from the instruction book that came with it. I got a 100 lb drum of CYA and had a 100 gallons of chlorine on hand. We borrowed a fire truck and started pumping water from a spring fed lake. I do not remember the exact quantities but I believe I started with 40 gallons of chlorine 30 lbs of CYA.
Within a couple of days the water was perfect. With directions from the Taylor kit I was adding a gallon of chlorine each day and running the filter for eight hours a day. No fancy floating ducks

I maintained the pool for a couple of years and it was so easy, nothing ever went wrong. ( except when the scout in charge fell asleep during a backwash)
That pool was 100'000 gals.

Now I have a in ground pool at home with a salt system that gives me ****.

Life is a barrel of fun.

Ken Andrew
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