Hello From Chicago, IL New (to us) house old pool!

Apr 16, 2019
Chicago, IL, USA
Hello all. I have been lurking since March 13th. The day my daughter was born. (waiting and waiting and waiting) I had my laptop and was researching how to take care of an in-ground pool as we just bought our house last April and we continued the pool company the previous owner contracted with, pre-paid and owner left us it as a house warming gift.

Owner states about 30,000 gallons as its a 18'x36' with what I now know as "Roman Arches" It has a little over 8' deep end, and it climbs to 4' shallow end.

I just (today) pulled the mesh safety cover off. I am determined to take over the pool as I am a huge DIY kind of guy. I'm not scared to take on a challenge.

So far what I have done:
1. ran the skimmer and filter and robot all night last night, every time I was up for the baby, I backwashed, cleaned the robot, cleaned out the skimmer sock. I didn't add any LC yet as I know my CYA levels are sky high due to years of Trichlor pucks and granular pool shock from the pool store.
2. Drained 5,000 gallons and am currently filling pool from my home water supply (city treated well) Our city water is pretty Dang good, Last year the town installed new iron filters and a new treatment center, The city offered a home water quality test to reset for the parameters of our home water softener, I managed to drop 10 grains! yay for saving on salt! But still pretty hard water at 25.

Other things of note. I drained the pool with the main drain as the pool company did to cap off the returns. I asked them how much water they drained out and after some tape measure calculations they said about 5,000. So a Total of 10,000 gallons was drained since the last addition of any chemicals.. I hope this drastically drops any CYA level. I am waiting on my test kit to arrive tomorrow morning (4/18/2019) so I can get some numbers. For now though Its filling the pool back up, running the filter for a bit to keep skimming gunk, and running the robot to scrub for me.

FYI Robot is a aquabot 4x that needs new 4 wheel treads and I am having a hard time finding a source of replacement parts for it. any help?

pick of pool before I drained 5k.