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Apr 4, 2021
Camarillo, CA
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As I mention in the title I am home/pool owner in Camarillo, CA. I came across this site doing google searches for some questions that I had and found a lot of great info. I currently have someone that maintains my pool (I do some basic stuff life sweeping and vacuuming in between his visits) but I plan to really get into balancing the chemicals.

I will also be posting in the renovation forum :)

I look forward to a lot of great interactions here!
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Aug 6, 2019
Los Angeles, CA
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Hello from Thousand Oaks! :)

We finished our pool last year. Even though I had read through this site's pool school articles, I still hired a pool guy based on strong recommendations from the neighbors. I didn't yet trust myself to properly care for such a large investment and I didn't fully trust this site yet, so I wanted an "expert" to hold my hand.

He lasted about 4 months. My only regret is that I didn't fire him sooner. If you read the articles on this site and balance your own water for a couple of weeks, chances are you'll know more than 90% of the professional pool maintainers I've encountered. The process quickly becomes second nature, and now I wouldn't trust anyone else to do it. Even if your pool maintainer is one of the rare good ones, the standard once-a-week care just isn't enough for most pools.
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