Hello from California


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May 21, 2008
Fair Oaks Calif
Found this site when I was looking for information/ideas on upgrading our pool to SWG and multi-speed motor. With a little searching I found answers to all my questions without even posting a question. I certainly appreciate all the time people put into making this site a success.

I have now converted to SWG (Pentair IC40) and changed pump motor to two-speed unit. SWG conversion was very easy and has been running for a month with no problems thanks to information from this site.

I found valuable information from many different people; however I would like to acknowledge the following for their time:
Waterbear for his water balance tips for SWGs
Mas985 for his motor information
JasonLion for his pool calculator
And of course SeanB for this site.

Decision to contribute to this site was easy, best money I have spend in a long time.

Thanks again


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Jul 15, 2007
Eastern Pennsylvania
Hi Patrick,

Welcome to TFP. Your acknowledgment of the members whose post and/or Pool School articles have helped you is very nice. Thank you for doing that.