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Apr 9, 2008
SC Midlands
Hey! My name is Bill and I live just north of Columbia SC. We have had our pool since September of 2005. Our pool is a 18' x 36' Freeform IG Gunite with 7' spa. I just recently joined but have used this site for over a year. Just lazy I guess. After reading the forums here I decided that the BBB system was worth trying. It worked well for me but I got really tired of the strange looks I would get at the grocery store with a buggy full of nothing but ultra bleach. As a result I decided to convert my pool to use a SWCG. I am looking forward to not having to lug all that bleach. Thanks for all the help I have been given here. These forums are a wealth of information! Hopefully, I will be able to give back as well.



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May 30, 2007
South Carolina
billyjoeraybob said:
JJparrish we are out in Blythewood I noticed you were from SC didn't realize you were from the other side of town!
Reminds me of Disney's "It's a Small World (after all)" :-D

Happy swimming....