Hello from Baltimore

Hello everyone!! My name is Paula and I have been lurking for about a week now and decided to join yesterday. My husband, 3 kids and I live in Baltimore and we have an Intex 18' x 4'. Started out the season with PUCKS :hammer: I know, I know but I am learning. The pool calc is great and I am on my way with the BBB. My husband thinks I am nuts but it will save us money so he says go for it. LOL The only really duh moment I have had so far is to buy the wrong test kit. Went to Leslie's saw the drop type kit, bought it, doesn't test for CYA. That will teach me to be in a hurry. Anyways, thanks for all the great info. I am getting it all together.


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Mar 28, 2007
Richmond, Va
Welcome! Yes, once you get the hang of BBB and testing it is really easy and inexpensive. Enjoy and know that there are lots of folks here who can help out with any questions you may have.
Thanks for the welcome comments. The pool is my thing. If its doesn't look good I'm not happy. Of course you know that old saying. If Paula ain't happy, ain't nobody happy. (modified for my personal use of course) LOL Thanks again and I'll be asking questions in the appropriate sections I'm sure.