Hello from Australia!

Mar 14, 2019
Adelaide, Australia
Hello everyone! Im based in Australia, Adelaide. Our new house we bought two months ago has a pool! I have never owned one and this was the only thing playing on my mind whether or not to get the place... but here we are!

I like knowing how everything works so I have been doing ALOT of time reading, research, time wasting... I'm already over the jokers at the pool shops and hardware stores!!

I've bought the full testing kit from clear choice labs (almost the same as the Taylor's kits just much easier to obtain down under) and a magnetic stirrer

Pool is concrete fully tiled, put in about 4-5 years ago. Runs a sand filter and watermaid SWG

My tests yesterday are as below
FC: 11.5
CC. 0
TA: 90
CH: 450 (tested the tap water too at 130ppm)
CYA: 42
PH: 7.8 or higher (unsure)
Salt: 6300 (swg wants 6000-7000)

It's not balanced yet as you can see, but what has me stumped is the recommendations by the watermaid manual wanting lower cya levels (30-50) and higher TA levels (150-200) for concrete pools to keep stable pH's compared to the trouble free pool forums recommendations

Below are some pics for your enjoyment

Happy to listen to peoples rational on which way I should go before adding anymore chemicals!!

Thanks Jesse


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TFP Guide
welcome to TFP
forget the watermaid manual they are based on old ideas
only thing you need is the recommended salt level
be aware ph reads false high when fc is above 10ppm
the way i see it the numbers look great
need a little more cya and a little lower ta
but i think summer is now over for us