Hello from Arkansas


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May 22, 2008
Hi guys!

We recently purchased a new home with a pool, so now I'm a newbie pool wrangler.

We have a large buried Doughboy pool Intrigue....25,000+ with two pool lights and two skimmers. We are currently struggling with adding some landscaping and trying to find someone to install a security fence around the pool. Our backyard is a wreck. The previous owners did basically nothing to the backyard after the install last summer. I might post a pool picture and get some advice on what to do...landscaping isn't my strong suit.

So far, I have switched from baq to chlorine and hope to be a true BBB after I get rid of my bucket of pucks. This site is GREAT and it's amazing the amount of pool wisdom everyone has! I'm so blessed to have found it and hope that someday I have my pool wrangled well enough to help others.