Hello from Arizona!


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Apr 23, 2019
Scottsdale, AZ
Hi there!

I just joined 🙂 but cannot say that I just found the site. I have actually spent hours reading (or should it be stressing lol)? I'm in the middle of resurfacing a fiberglass pool and I'm up at night worrying about some of our choices (starting with contractor but that's a whole other conversation 😕).

My first question is on waterline tile. I haven't found any posts where someone had used this kind of tile. My hope is that I'm achieving the small print look of mosaic but using the recommended 6x6 and staying away from glass. Thoughts anyone? Fiorella, 6" x 6" (1 box, 22 pcs) - Porcelain Pool Tile

Thank you for your help! I have other questions too, I'm about to become most annoying poster most likely 😬