Hello from a VERY hot summer in northern California


Jul 28, 2020
Auburn, CA
We are in northern CA (Nevada County), and in the midst of a very HOT summer. Temps at our place have been in high 90's-low 100's for the past few weeks now. Very unusual for us... 90's in the summer are normal, but this many days/weeks hitting 100's for days in a row is not normal (but maybe the new norm?) We have an 18' x 54" above ground Intex pool. Currently still using the weak pump/filter system which came with it, while we wait for our backordered 1 HP Hayward Power Flo Matrix pump and Doheny 50gpm filter unit to arrive. We were on a cheap SWG my daughter had, and the pool had been running beautifully clear. Then, that SWG's cell stopped producing (which took us newbies awhile to figure out) and the pool turned it's lovely green and started producing algae galore. Were purchased a AQUA-TROL AG CHLORINE GENERATOR and got that installed and running about a week ago. That said, I'm now going to post in a different thread as we need help with a couple of things. I've been reading a lot on your site the past few days, trying to educate myself and I've found more helpful information here than on any other site, and love that you don't over-push chemicals as the pool stores due, thus why I decided to join. We NEED to learn!!
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We'll watch for your other thread and give you all the help we can. Continue reading our pages. Before you know it, it will all make sense. I have some Vital Links below in my signature all in one place. Don't forget to update your signature as well for future posts. Include your test kit too please. Have a good day.